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Foto Vwa [Notes] is a blog where our staff and participants can record their thoughts related to the Foto Vwa process. Although Foto Vwa mostly involves the use of photography to express voice, this blog will serve as another, written, medium for expression.
The Foto Vwa and Foto Vwa [Notes] sites are meant to complement one another so as to enrich the storytelling process.
Foto Vwa [Notes] is also a site where other notable photography projects will receive mention and discussion. Many projects similar to those undertaken by Foto Vwa are making a difference throughout the world. These projects deserve praise and publicity and will be mentioned as frequently as possible.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Loudrige (Haitian Children's Home)

15 years old - 5th Grade

For more information about Loudrige and Haitian Children's Home, please go to

Loudrige - Photo One

Loudrige - Photo Two

Loudrige - Photo Three

Loudrige - Photo Four

Loudrige - Photo Five

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